BB1: Early and Comprehensive Assessment with a Preventive Focus:

Early identification of multimorbidity or (PMM) and the risk thereof is essential in maintaining patient health and preventing deterioration. Therefore, INCA acts as a platform where healthcare professionals and patients can be connected at all times to monitor patient multimorbidity, with updated, accurate, and comprehensive information. 

Through personalized questionnaires, INCA can identify patients with PMM early on and establish a predefined workflow for them. INCA assists the professional in screening and stratifying the patient’s health situation, considering all possible aspects: social, healthcare, lifestyle, etc. 

INCA provides an Electronic Health and Social Record (EHSR), where results from different forms and all generated patient data can be stored in a structured manner, including fields for collecting unstructured data, greatly facilitating information access. All collected data is easily exportable. 

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