Continuity of care: coordination and proactive follow-up

One of the most significant challenges in patients with PMM is the continuity of care during transitions between care levels, ensuring integrated care with a single accessible reference for the patient. The INCA platform facilitates smooth patient transitions between different healthcare professionals and levels of care by keeping all relevant information in one place. This allows any professional entering care to immediately access the patient’s data, improving continuity of care. Additionally, the tool provides a communication channel between professionals to convey modifications to patient care plans. For the patient, the INCA app is a reliable point of contact where they can obtain information about their condition, read tips, and request healthcare or technical support. 

INCA ensures continuity of patient care by monitoring forms, smart devices such as watches, medical devices, or by directly entering information from the patient app and setting up alerts and alarms based on the behavior of this data obtained. These alerts allow healthcare professionals to be proactive in patient decompensations or deteriorating states. 

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