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Doole presentation


Can you tell us what Doole is?   

Doole is a telemedicine company that was born out of a research project aimed at evaluating the clinical outcomes and usability of telemedicine in complex chronic patients. The company has developed a telemedicine platform that fosters a closer relationship between patients and healthcare professionals. Its main objective is to contribute to the digital transformation of the healthcare system by providing a tool that brings people and healthcare professionals together, resulting in more patient-centered care. 

Doole’s platform is based on the CIMA concept, which stands for communication, information, monitoring, and adherence. It aims to provide a comprehensive tool that covers the needs of these four essential aspects in the follow-up of people with any pathology, especially those with chronic diseases or multimorbidity. The platform provides added value to patients while optimizing resources in terms of time, costs, and distance at both ends. It also enables access to new health segments. 

The platform leverages real-time information to improve interactions between patients and healthcare professionals at the right time. It provides personalized attention, completely individualized, from medical information, healthy challenges, and diets to prescriptions, challenges, and follow-up. The platform encourages patient participation and empowerment, ensuring that patients interacting with the application, accessing information, and participating in challenges increase responsibility for their health, improving results in the medium and long term. It is accessible to offer the best possible healthcare at all times. 

What are the skills and competencies that you consider most important in this sector, and how have you applied these skills in previous projects?     

The process of digital transformation goes beyond just implementing technological software. For a project to succeed, it is necessary to redesign the process itself. This means that the technology company must work collaboratively and be proactive in managing change. These factors are crucial for success. 

At Doole, we foster co-creation with the healthcare system to define the processes that will incorporate our tool. We act as facilitators and adapt our tools to meet the specific needs of each client. 

Could you highlight some of your most significant achievements in previous projects related to our sector?  

Doole Health has been awarded various projects, including Salutec@t, which is an Innovative Public Procurement initiative that proposes a new telematic care model for the control of chronic patients. Salutec@t aims to implement a new care model for chronic patients based on telemedicine, with a patient-centered and integrative vision that spans different levels of care. Doole Health provided the technological platform and worked with healthcare personnel to redefine various use cases, taking advantage of the platform’s potential to enable non-face-to-face care services, as well as a new model of relationship between professionals and citizens. 

Another project that Doole Health has worked on is Linkela, which is an app for patients affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The app aims to promote an improvement in healthy habits and empower the patient to receive practical advice and reinforce adherence to treatments with innovative tools, such as gamification and a whole system of warnings and reminders that are activated in the application. The application also facilitates direct contact with professionals through its own messaging service. Professionals, on the other hand, have access to a web platform where they can consult all the monitoring data of the main parameters of the evolution of ALS, such as nutrition, ventilation, mobility, strength or emotional state based on specifically designed forms and the data collected by control devices, as well as visualize diagnostic tests of all kinds or receive alarms before pre-established indicators. This facilitates a much more efficient and flexible management of hospital visits, quoting patients when they need it and avoiding unnecessary travel. Doole Health provides the technology platform and participates in the deployment. 

Lastly, Doole Health recently received funding from the UN to implement their telemedicine platform to connect a large number of rural areas, enhancing population access to healthcare services and improving their quality of life. 

What does Doole bring to the Inca consortium and to the carematrix challenge?  

Within the INCA consortium and the PCP project, Doole provides the technology platform as well as project leadership. Also, we bring a consolidated perspective and deep knowledge in the development and implementation of innovative solutions to enhance healthcare. 

In the Inca consortium, we have contributed our skills and expertise to strengthen collaboration among diverse stakeholders, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare services. Our involvement has focused on optimizing communication between patients and healthcare professionals, leveraging advanced technologies and real-time data. 

In summary, our participation in previous projects substantiates our ability to deliver innovative and effective solutions to both the Inca consortium and the CareMatrix challenge. 

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