Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

Norwegian Centre for E-health Research presentation


Can you tell us what the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is?   

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is a leading public institution dedicated to advancing the field of e-health through comprehensive research. Our mission is to enhance healthcare services for all citizens through in-depth research, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination in e-health domain. We aim to contribute to the development of a sustainable, efficient, and inclusive healthcare service by leveraging digital technologies. Our work involves not just the exploration of digital solutions for standardizing patient care pathways but also understanding the comprehensive impact of digital health services on patients, relatives, healthcare professionals, and the system as a whole.

Information sharing is central to our mission. We pledge to publish our research outcomes in an open and accessible manner, ensuring that our insights contribute to meaningful advancements in healthcare. Furthermore, we are dedicated to applying this knowledge in practical settings to maximize its impact.

Today, the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research consists of 75 full time employees.

What are the skills and competencies that you consider most important in this sector, and how have you applied these skills in previous projects?

Our research spans a broad spectrum, from studying how digital solutions can standardize patient care pathways to the intricacies of integrating technological systems within existing healthcare frameworks. We emphasize the importance of the electronic health record as a tool for enhancing collaboration and examine the effects of various strategies on the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

We also prioritize inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that digital health services are developed with the entire population in mind, especially focusing on the needs of those who might be excluded from digitalization. These competencies have been crucial in our projects, notably in the development of organizational models that utilize ICT to improve communication and data management, aiming for better patient health outcomes, enhanced patient experiences, and cost-efficient healthcare solutions.

Could you highlight some of your most significant achievements in previous projects related to our sector?  

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research has achieved significant milestones in the field of digital health, among other highlighted through its collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and its extensive research contributions focusing on the use of digital tools in Norwegian primary health care during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have also extensively contributed to the field of implementation research, focusing on investigating methods for implementation from a socio-technical perspective. This involves analyzing how technology is adopted within healthcare settings, not only by healthcare professionals but also by patients, to ensure that digital health solutions are effectively integrated into daily healthcare practices. Their research efforts extend to studying technical standards for structuring health data, which is crucial for improving interoperability between different systems and organizations within the healthcare sector.

This multifaceted research approach underscores the Centre’s commitment to understanding the complexities of technology adoption in healthcare. By examining both the social and technical aspects of implementation, the Centre aims to identify strategies that facilitate the seamless integration of digital health technologies. This includes exploring how to best structure health data and enhance interoperability, ensuring that information can be easily shared and accessed across different healthcare platforms, thereby improving the efficiency of patient care and service delivery.

What does the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research bring to the Inca consortium and to the carematrix challenge?

In the INCA consortium, the Norwegian Centre for E-Health Research will use its prior experience and expertice in digital health research to generate relevant knowledge to the project, evaluate effect and efficiency of the solution, and contribute to the overall robustness of the process. We are also responsible for coordinate the future deployments in Sweden and Norway. Together with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Open University of Catalonia, we are specialized in e-health ecosystem research and best practices in e-health adoption.

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